Yes.We do not have a definite answer at this time, but this is the situation.

#SoHeDid is a diverse social place dedicated for men, where anyone can join and share stories, strike discussion, or simply say thanks to men in their lives or to any man who means a lot to them.o.

Gender is defined by FAO as ‘the relations between men and women, both perceptual and material. Gender is not determined biologically, as a result of sexual characteristics of either women or men, but is constructed socially.

Taking about men is not being biased. Being a fan of Sachin, Tom Cruise, or Obama does not mean dislike for Priyanka Chopra, Jennifer Lopez, or Sania Mirza. Anyone can be part of #SoHeDid where we exclusively discuss/share stuff about man and everything else about being a man. .

Size does not matter when it comes to story. Every story big or small is a saga in itself. Do not hold yourself…Feel free to share and our editorial team will make sure it fits all the #SoHeDid standards before it get published.

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