Body odor is one of the most embarrassing problem ever. It always leaves a bad impression on the unfortunate person who happens to be standing next to you when you lift your arm. Ugh. Bad visuals, right?


To those who don’t use deodorants, please start using them, because body odor is a strict no-no in grooming. Any person whom you meet or talk to is going to smell that stink and cringe from you, and you’ll never know why you are such an anti-magnet to babes.

To those who find that body odor sticks to them like gum sticks to hair, then here are some bones I’ll throw out to you so you can unleash the fresh, odorless man inside you:

Bathe regularly

Let me be honest with you. Men who don’t bathe regularly are definitely not manlier than those who do. It is not a symbol of your machoism. Men who know how to shower regularly are totally on the top of women’s lists. Bathing helps reduce the number of bacteria on the skin, that is usually the reason why body odor occurs in the first place. So, try showering regularly.

Use the right product

It is true that people prefer perfumes and colognes over deodorants and antiperspirants. But while perfumes and colognes provide a fragrance to the body, deodorants help combat body odor by neutralizing it. On the other hand, antiperspirants just clog your sweat pores and prevent you from sweating. Hence, choose a good minimally scented deodorant to prevent body odor. Dousing yourself in colognes to camouflage the odor never works.


Clothes that fit right

Wear loose fitted clothes that provide enough air circulation to the sweatiest areas of your body like your armpits. While going to parties, try to wear fresh clean clothes as wearing unwashed clothes can worsen the odor. Also, avoid too many layers. A simple cotton tee on a hot day will sure help reduce that stinkiness around you.

Shave body hair

Body hair, again, is a huge poster that signals ‘Hey, look at me, I’m so macho.’ But again, it could also signal, ‘Hey, can you smell that? That’s the body odor I’m responsible for.’ So, shave regularly. And by body hair, I mean, BODY hair. Not the beard.

Eat right

Love hogging onion bagels? Or yummy, tasty chats? Love greasy, oily meats? Those could also contribute to your body odor. Food like garlic, onions and even oily, heavy meats are a core reason for boy odor. Therefore, eat right. Don’t leave out these items from your diet, but include them in the right amounts.

Try these tips and reduce the odor. But if your problem persists, no matter how hard you try, then consult a good dermatologist, and he/she might help you sort out your problem.

Body odor sure is a huge evil in our lives, but with the right weapons, it can be destroyed. 😉