A new study reports that the mother will determine the intelligence of her child through her genes. Study suggest that number of genes affect intelligence and the gene responsible for intelligence be located on the X-chromosome. Since males have only one X, and inherit it from their mothers, their intelligence might be more closely linked to their mothers than to their fathers.

Intelligence genes are carried by the X chromosome, and women have two X chromosomes, while men have one X and one Y.

Mothers are the carriers of the conditioned genes that determine intelligence, apparently. Some studies were conducted on genetically modified mice where an extra dose of maternal genes gave way to bigger brains and little bodies and paternal genes gave vice versa.

80% of child intelligence is acquired from the mother, Study suggests.

Some other researcher, of Glasgow also interviewed almost 12,686 adolescents and found that the IQ of the mother was central to their intelligence. Research also says that genetics is not only the determinant of intelligence. The environment also determines the intelligence quotient of the child.

Also, some researchers at the University of Washington found that a bond between the mother and the child is also important in helping the child develop a sense of security. Attentive and devoted mothers help their children reach their full potential.

While, The Science of intelligence is still a black box where lot of things are yet to be established before we know if it is mother or father responsible for birth of an intelligent child. What we can say for sure is that parenting (that involves both father and mother) does play a vital role in raising a smarts. So enjoy the time with your kid and help them become what they want to be.

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