Being a successful person in life is not a piece of cake. It involves tons of hard work and a goal oriented mindset to get there. But if these are the only requirements, then why do we not have more Ambanis? Obviously, there are a lot more additional that are important to achieve your ultimate goal.

To get to a high level of esteem, achieving some of your subtle needs is a must. Having enough income, food and housing, along with emotional support and love is the basis of any confident guy’s esteem. Being in control of your life is a must. If you let your problems and hurts pin you down, you will never be able to move ahead.

Here are a few mantras that will push you to the goal you’ve set for yourself. Hard work only is not enough.

Be confident even in the face of adversity

Maintaining a calm face and mind is important. Panic and anger is not an option. Keep your cool even if you lose that promotion to some colleague. Don’t take things happening around you personally. Instead focus and take the next small step, quitting is a big no. Keep moving.

Be realistic and humble

Don’t get overconfident just because you tasted just a slice of success. There’s still a long way to go. Delay your gratitude. Be grounded; communicate openly with your colleagues. Good, open and honest communication is a key to a healthy relationship and building trust especially if you’re at higher position. Demonstrate a responsible persona in every situation.

Improve your personality

It is your personality that determines you status. Looks can only be enhanced to a certain extent; however we can refine and enhance personality as much as we want. Personality is all about value system. It’s is about, how you listen to people, what kind of conversation do you have with them. It’s about how you carry yourself and respond to criticism. So let your action speaks for yourself. Shows the world that you are a person quite capable of staying in control of your own life. You know how to be yourself at the same time handle personal and professional diversities around you.

A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him-David Brinkley

Be passionate and do what you love

A man in a job that he doesn’t like is like a cat in the rain. Unless you like what you do, you will never feel the need to be better at it and achieve success. On the other hand, doing something you love will drive you to think of how further you can go. Be passionate about your goals, think of how important they are to you.

Be in control of your life

Handle your finances, indulge in the things you love and have some enjoyment packed into your busy schedule. Life is too short to just work, work, work. It introduces stress into your life and there goes the passion down the drain. Manage your financial status, so that you don’t run into any problems. Know what’s really important to you and spend only on that. Shave out the trivia from your life. And keep an open mind that is capable of growth. Don’t let yourself be tied down in one place.

Make time for love and family

Families are important. They teach you to live life, support you all the way and never hesitate to point out your faults. Make time for your loved ones. Don’t lose the precious gift of love in your life just to pursue a materialistic career. While being successful might be important to you, but success can only be enjoyed with people you love. They are the only ones who will care enough to stand by you even if you don’t make it and motivate you to stand back on your feet again.

On the whole, success is always temporary. Don’t sit down to rest once you have reached a certain goal. Keep working towards a further goal until your limbs don’t coordinate with you anymore.

“The road to success is only as long as you make it.”