So who is your favorite hero?

Is it Superman? Oh no, wait, it’s Batman, isn’t it?

No? Who then? Maybe, it’s Iron Man?

No? Okay, that was worth a shot. Who then?

You say it’s your dad? Wow, he must be one rocking dad then!

Welcome to the new era, where dads are now taking over the superhero universe. Marvel, Sony and DC better take caution, because dads are the new superheroes in town.

dad_super_hero_2Micheal Kimmel, the author of Manhood in America, and currently the Executive Director of the Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities at Stony Brook University, explores how the ancient, strict personage of a father has been replaced by the cool, suave and always-there-for-you dad.

Gone are the days of the onscreen superheroes, the rock stars, the great athletes and iconic movie stars. Famous public figures are rare too. It’s the fathers (and sometimes mothers) who are replacing all of the above personalities in kids’ answers to: “Who’s your hero?”

Kids now consider Father or Mother ( or Parents ) as their go-to heroes, role model and someone to look up to. The reason behind this huge shift in “Heroic Landscape” is due to the fact that ,now a days young people have a better understanding of how much their parents work and sacrifice for the family and are always there for them no matter what.

While it is not surprising that girls name their mothers as their role models, that boys should name their dads is a bit unexpected. Young boys take their heroes and role models seriously and are very choosy as compare to girls. it is a major part of their boyhood. They wa to have someone larger than life to aspire with. However, now The new age dads are more involved in their children’s lives and are always there shows how the ‘head of the family’ is now giving a majority of his time and energy to the family.

dad_super_hero_1Recent studies suggest that now a day’s more and more parents (Dad and Mom) are equally involved in parenting. Some dads seem ready to go to any lengths to fulfill the wishes and whims of their children, sacrificing their careers or other activities for it. ‘House husbands’ have shown that heroism can exist on just a daily basis with childcare and housework.

Men have shed the traditional role of a hardened, emotionless creature and have embraced caring, nurturing and emotionality right alongside being ‘manly.’

And that’s why dads are more accessible to their kids nowadays, being their daughters’ protectors and their sons’ best friends and role models.

dad-1349424_640I’d like to conclude with this beautiful quote..

“He wasn’t a hero, known by the world.But a hero he was, to his little girl.”