An interesting piece of advice by Subramanian Chittur, Head Information Systems, Metro Cash and Carry India Pvt Ltd, helps in busting that good ol’ stress that burdens our minds and interrupts our thought process. After almost 30 years in the IT industry, Subramanian is the best person to tell us about the day-to-day anxiety and responsibilities that increases the tension of a normal working person.

‘Connect, disconnect and forget is the basic mantra. Remember to let go of the unpleasant stuff, keep the faith and keep moving forward. Be full of energy and you will never lose.’

Subramanian (a.k.a Subra), suggests some easy ways to find inner peace that facilitate practice mindfulness and help you keep calm under stressful situations.

The Calming Factor:What is your Calming Factor?

meditation-338446_640We all would have at least one such “Calming Factor” that really makes us feel better during the time of distress. According to Subra, doing the things that soothe our mind will go a long way in relieving stress. “Music relieves my stress and recharges the batteries of my mind. So I indulge in that.” He also says that a good night’s sleep helps you feel refreshed and recharged.

Spending Time With Kids

play_with_kidsBonding with kids helps you forget your problems.According to Subra, spending time with kids makes you feel younger and carefree. Bonding with them, listening to their stories and playing with them helps you be more peaceful.

“When you are with kids, you realize that you can truly be yourself. They do not judge for what you are or what you have been. They are very pure at heart; they have no ill feelings and no self-serving reason to be with you. Your designation is of no use to them. You can be yourself and even childlike with them.”

Slug It Out With Sports

shoes-1011596_640Playing a sport energizes your mind, and helps throw away some of your stress, says Subramanian. He loves playing basketball as it helps alleviate his tension, and adds, “Your mind is focused on the game, the ball and the opponents; it forgets everything else. I feel very energetic after I am done with playing.”

Books Are Your Best Friends

man_reading_bookIf you’re looking for the easiest way to calm it out, books are the best way to go. It diverts your mind and takes you to a whole new world. Subramanian says, “I read spiritual and inspirational books that lift my spirits and help me come out of stressful situations. They help re-emphasize the thinking process and take you in another direction.”

Movie Marathons

popcorn-1433332_640For those who don’t find books appealing, movies will definitely cheer you up. Choose a genre that you really like, and you will lose yourself in the imaginary world and lose focus on your current problems. “Watching late night movies is another activity that distracts my mind. I enjoy Hollywood action movies and watch Bollywood and Tamil movies for comedy and fun,” adds Subramanian.

Try Your Hands At Cooking

man_cookingWhile cooking might not always relax you, but it does help take your mind off things, and alter your mood, especially with some music going on. Subramanian says he likes cooking food for the very same reason, with music in the background.

“Once cooking is done, I have a nice hot shower and it’s an amazing feeling. You are in a nirvana like state-food, music and a hot shower makes you completely at peace.”

Get Social,Speak It Out

signs-820614_640While distracting yourself and forgetting the problems does help a lot in alleviating stress, sometimes, letting it out, and sharing it with someone else is also just as important. Subramanian feels that sharing the problem with someone you trust is very important. “Your close ones can also give you emotional support and help you face the problem. Your heart will feel lighter once you’ve shared it all, it won’t seem that big a problem, and you can try to accept it.

“Life is full of ups and downs, how you handle both of them will define your life”, concludes Subramanian