Perfume is the final touch

man_perfumeA good scent works well on a man’s body. Try not to go with floral, and stick to some decent smelling perfumes. Don’t bathe your body with it, though. Just a light spray works best. For those who find perfumes cumbersome, try a deodorant. A deodorant is a must as men toil in the sun a lot, and experience much more of sweat than women.

Well, these are some of the basics of male grooming. You can always do more and groom yourself better. Hiring a stylist, using more bath products, getting massages, man-scaping your body and using contact lenses instead of glasses are some of the further steps you can take to look right.

And to those who find grooming a feminine trait, think again. Looking clean, fresh and presentable is not desirable only in women. It is desirable in all men.