Gone are the days of the rustics; when a man spending time in the bathroom to clean himself up was taboo; when face-wash was a no-no to guys. Today women look for well-groomed guys who present an air of self sufficiency and independence. No one wants the ‘slouched’ or the ‘shabby.’ Hence, it becomes necessary for men to groom themselves right.

While it may run in your head that, ‘Oh god, I’m fine the way I am, I don’t need to do all this’, please think again. A good looking, groomed guy is always the center of attention is respected and makes a good impression on anyone, not just girls.

“Success favors the well-groomed.”

When going for an interview or business meeting or even in family gatherings, a well groomed guy always stands out. And you will always be taken seriously.

A man, who can spend enough time to look right, will of course, put effort into anything, including work. This is the message conveyed to people when you show up well groomed everyday.

Here are a few essential grooming tips for men that may guide you to look better and feel better. Chill, your manliness is in no way affected just because you spend some extra time washing your face, or setting your hair.

Good hair style definitely helps

hairstyle_manOne of the few things anyone notices first about any guy is, obviously, the mop atop his head. So try to wash your hair as regularly as possible. Use some good products and don’t be stingy with a shampoo. Using hair products is definitely not restricted to females. Try to apply oil on some night, before sleep and wash your hair in the morning. Don’t forget to brush your hair once and style it as per your wishes. A good haircut every few weeks is appreciated. Unkempt hair conveys a shabby look and no one will ever want to be your friend.