The most talked about , Flipkart’s “Big” Big Billion Days Sale 2016 finally concluded and results are equally exciting. This is how Flipkart extended its gratitude towards their consumer base on website home page today..

Thank you India! You Proved shopping at the speed of light is possible, said Flipkart.

Here are some exciting stats shared by Flipkart today, that really makes us believe that shopping at the speed of light is possible and Indian consumers have mastered the “Art Of Online Shopping”.


1 headphone bought every second.

India is a country of love and music lovers. So no surprise, they gotta have a nice headphone to be in love with music everyday.


20 women tops bought every minute.

India love shopping online. Data speaks for itself, 20 women tops bought every minute. Way to go ladies. We only expect this number to go up in coming time. All the man out there, man-up.


100 mobile phone bought every second.

India love latest electronic gadget and they want it for less. We are always in a lookout for latest and greatest mobile phone available to upgrade to. Looks like fellow Indians have cashed on this great opportunity given by Flipkart. Look at this, 100 mobile phone bought every second during the first hour of sale…great going India.


6000 cricket pitch can be covered with all the TV bought during the Big Billion Sale.

India love Cricket, Movie, Pro-kabadi, IPL, football and daily soap. India is in no mood to skip any of those, in fact they want to watch their favorite show on latest, bigger and brighter TV/LCD. In a true spirit of Indian with love for cricket , we loved this number more than anything else…Thank You Flipkart for this great analogy. You caught the right nerve
6000 cricket pitch can be covered with all the TV bought during the Big Billion Sale-2016, Flipkart revealed.


80,000 meters of Men’s clothing were bought during sale

When we do, we do it like no one else does. Men seem to have given tough challenge to their women counterpart ( Ladies you can beat them next time ….we trust you ) , by participating big time in Big Billion Day shopping spree. Men’s clothing bought during this period (Oct-02 to Oct-06 2016) in meters is more than eight times the height of mighty Mount Everest.


58,00,000 meters of curtains and garments were bought during The big billion Days Sale

We love our house and love to decorate it. With Diwali approaching fast , seems homemakers have grabbed this opportunity with both hands for their happy homes. Collectively 58,00,000 meters of curtains and garments were bought during The big billion shopping bonanza.


80,00,000 GB of storage sold during the Big Days Sale

We love accumulating things of all kinds. We keep buying new things, but do not like to get rid of old ones soon. Same is true with our digital life like Pictures,Videos and data in general. Looks like India needed more of this small “store room” in their life to store their day to day memories. Flipkart sold 80,00,000 GB of storage collectively in the form of Pen Drives and Memory Cards during the Big Day’s.


1,10,00,000 shares , tweets, likes and video views

We really get involved and start living it. Kudos, 1,10,00,000 shares , tweets, likes and video views it total. Indeed, we are very social.


5,00,00,000 wishlist were shared by shoppers.

Indians have a strong culture of optimism. We trust that “Sab Hoga”, if you have time and patience to wait. Flipkart recorded 5,00,00,000 wishlist by our Indian shoppers during the sale.


Rs 1,50,00,00,000 Saved by shoppers during sale using exchange and no cost EMI.

India wants more when it comes to offers and discounts. They prefer exchange offer over free dispose offer for their old stuff. Fipkart successfully fulfilled this key need by extending exchange offers and no-cost EMI offers to shoppers. India saved big time, Rs. 1,50,00,00,000 during sale by availing exchange offers and no cost EMI offers.

While India was busy shopping and fulfilling their wishlist during Big Billion Day, behind the scene, lot of work has gone in by Flipkart team in meticulously planning, scheduling, and dispatching packages throughout India.

Special round of applause for Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal from SHD….This time you guys did it ( blink) #SoHeDid #SoHeDidIt

during Big Billion Days Sale, packages delivered were 1,50,00,000 Kg weight in total , while SHoppers saved Rs. 1000,00,00,000 in total during the same period.

Congratulations Flipkart on successfully executing this huge event. Congratulations India for shopping hard. Seems to us a real win-win. What do you feel? Share you comments, thought and experience.