Powerful men wear suits. It’s a given real. Every man in a powerful position in a society owns and wears a suit. Seems like every man worth his salt has a suit to his name.

But why do men need it? I do confess, a man in a suit, looks very appealing and attractive to any women. But is that the only reason?

To me, it appears as though donning on such an outfit conveys the strength, confidence and credibility of a man. It motivates him, makes him feel like he is successful and also conveys a feeling of immense power. Putting on a suit for a man is equivalent to the LBD, or little black dress that is a style statement for women. It also conveys style, charm and immediately gives an attractive air to the man. It also helps him maintain his posture,

A suit immediately conveys, ‘This man is good at what he does.’

Also, wearing a suit is an important part of grooming for a man. It creates an impression on whomsoever he may meet and lends a professionality that he may not really have in real life. A suit immediately conveys, ‘This man is good at what he does.’

So, if you are a man planning on building a successful career, a suit or two is a must have in your wardrobe. And when one is buying a suit, he has to keep some important things in mind. For getting the best fit and the right style, always opt for a custom made suit. Check out some of the best boutiques for a custom made suit in your city, and go for it.

For those who have a minimum budget and off-the-rack piece also works fine, so check out some of the brand stores around you, and find the perfect choice. For the ones, who are too lazy to do so much, just click onto an online store, give your specific measurements, and your suit will be delivered to you.

Size and Style -Get the right fit

The suit is only as good as it fits you. An ill-fitting suit will create a shabby atmosphere for you, and you may end up losing a few cool points for that. Also, choose a proper style that compliments your body.

“Your comfort is important to you. The man looks only as good as he feels.” – #Sohedid

suit_1Suits that are narrow at the waist and broad the shoulders, look perfect on a man. For the coat, two or three buttons look good. The minimalistic look is perfect. For occasions or important meetings, you can also opt for a three piece suit- coat, trousers and a cravat. Trousers can be simple and you can stick to the basics for them. Shirts need to be selected such that they fit you right also make sure, that you are comfortable in it.

Color and Materials -Spin your color wheel right

Basic colors such as grays, navy blues, blacks, olives, dark browns and khakis are in. The best choice is always charcoal gray. For a first-timer, a charcoal gray suit is the right choice. Bright colors like red and purple are a strict no. They make you lose your sophisticated look, and you may end up looking like an idiot.

Also, the shirt color matters too. It shouldn’t outshine the suit color and can be a crisp white or a lighter shade of the suit.

For materials, most suits come in khakis or wool. Silk and denims should be avoided. And the pinstripe suit is in. It is the most worn suit by the corporate types and conveys the perfect sense of style and professionalism.

suit materials, color
Image Source: http://tailoredavenue.com/entrepreneur-style-guide/

Shoes, Ties and Accessories -It matters

Wing tips work best as shoes for the perfectly dressed man. As it is rightly said, shoes speak for a man. A man is known by the shoes he wears.

shoes,tie,man suit,accessories for man
Image Source: pixabay.com

Also, ties are important. Don’t choose flashy designs and colors. Choose a color that is simple and goes well with your suit. With a striped shirt, go for a plain tie.

Accessories like tie clips, cuff links and pocket squares are also optional, but a belt is important. Tie clips will help keep your tie in its place. Cuff links look smart with the right shirt sleeve cuffs. And you can never go wrong with a pocket square.

But don’t overdo it. Don’t overload the suit with too many accessories. You don’t want to end up looking overdressed.

So, finally a quick checklist to help you buy the best suit:

  • Choose the right size and style that matches your personality.
  • Colors and material are important. Don’t be too flashy.
  • Add in good shoes and ties that will look right.
  • Accessories need to be kept at a minimum.

Looking the part of a confident man is very easy with a suit. Buying one that matches your personality will go a long way in helping you achieve success and get you onto the right path. Just putting on the suit, will make you feel like you ‘CAN DO IT.’ Go get yours, asap.