Indian men seem to have one big phobia; approaching the pretty girl who has caught their eye from across the road. If you are a super sexy, suave social guy, doing this would be a piece of cake. But many men lack confidence and charisma that speaks volumes to a woman. While I may admit that approaching girls can be tough, it can be made simpler with just a few pointers that will ensure you gracefully impress her and manage to talk to her at the same time.

“Getting your dream girl is not rocket science”-#SoHeDid

So here is a list that talks about those oh-so simple ways to overcome “approach anxiety”:

1.Approach a girl immediately after looking at her. Prolonging the moment will cause her to lose interest in you.

2.Remember that no one is looking at you. No need to get nervous and feel tense. It’s just a woman.

3.Don’t focus on her prettiness. Remember, that is not the way she looks every morning when she wakes up.

4.Make direct eye contact and smile confidently. Don’t overdo it, as girls recognize flirting easily. Instead make your expression more trusting, and don’t leer at her.

5.Use a good opening line. Don’t be too cheesy, it is never a good thing and if she shifts her gaze, it is a sign of her dismissal of you

6.Talk slowly and expressively, lingering over some words, all the time looking into her eyes. Again, don’t overdo it.

7.If she is with a group of girls, don’t ignore the rest. Try to talk to all of them and smile and make eye contact with it.

8.But be partial with the girl you like, so that she feels special. Use her as a topic of conversation with her friends too.

9.Compliment her using the right words. An over-the-top praise can make you lose your value in front of her.

10.Don’t get entranced. Be able to walk up to a woman, speak to her, and then easily walk away too. This intrigues women.

As a whole, build your confidence and speak to a woman. Also, don’t get hooked up on one woman and stalk her every time you see her. Try to maintain a little distance, because women are used to having men fawn over them. They like challenges, but don’t make it seem as if you are not interested. Create some frenzy in her heart, but also give her a bit of the cold shoulder.

So go get that girl you liked in the coffee shop, or the woman you have a crush on in the office.

If you have ever felt Approach Anxiety, share it with us and let us know how you dealt with it. Us fellow SHD-ians would love to learn from you too!