If you are a man who never seems to find the guts to approach a woman, or get constantly rejected at interviews, or shunned in the office, and find that 90% of the time, you are ridiculed for the things that you do out of nervousness, then you are man lacking in manfidence.confident_man_2

Manfidence is a term coined from a man’s confidence. A man’s confidence or manfidence is the core to his success, grooming and personality. A confident man can achieve a lot. He has the perfect partner, the perfect job and a perfect life.

“Manfidence is not ABOUT who you are AS A MAN,but rather what you do AS A MAN”-#SOHEDID

But how can you attain that confidence in yourself? Confidence is tough to build, to be truthful. But by following some tips and mustering all your strength, it can be made easy.

Remember that confidence comes at your will. Simply following these steps without the determination to be confident will not make you a confident man. Determination is the key. Willing yourself to break out of your reserve and stop the nervousness is important. It breaks open the dam of the cool, suave, self-assured man in you. So go ahead, get determined and follow some of these tips to become that cool and confident guy you always wanted to be.

View yourself as confident:

Never make the mistake of telling yourself that having low self-esteem is your fault. It is not.silhouette-936719_640 A majority of men suffer from low confidence levels because they have low self-esteems. Think that you are a really worthy person. A man who can do what he needs to do, a man, who has the right goals in his mind and will do anything to achieve them. Building your esteem will go a long way in building your confidence.

Mistakes happen:

Don’t blame yourself for the wrong decisions and the mistakes that you make. This can kill your confidence in minutes. So don’t ever build guilt over it. You are human. You make mistakes; you make some wrong choices, some bad decisions. Don’t feel dejected over it. Don’t feel ashamed. Instead view them as a learning opportunity and glean some insights from them. Work on correcting them. Think of them as simple problems instead of mistakes and that can help you keep away the dejection.

Acceptance and optimism:

Accept the mistakes and the changes that happen. Don’t shut them out. And don’t revolt against them. Try to believe that some things are meant to be and don’t try to be negative about them. Be positive about the changes, such as in your body. Try to do things that can prevent some of the changes you don’t like. If there’s nothing you can do, then don’t start blaming the Almighty for it. Instead be optimistic and incorporate it into your life.silhouette-936721_640

Also accept the imperfections in you. Don’t blame yourself for them. It is a part of you. Try to change what you don’t like. For example, if you have a bad accent, work on it.

Walk right, Dress right and Talk right:

Change your posture. Think that there is a rod propped up your spine and walk with dignity. Don’t shy away from talking openly to people. No one will eat you up, if you stutter, or stammer or say something stupid. Don’t worry about the judgement people will give you for that. That’s what people are for. But take the criticism in the positive light and build on it. Talk more to people you are comfortable with. Open up and set your reserve aside. Give out praises to people if there’s something that pleases you. Try to motivate others who are low.

Dress the part. Look good. Wear clothes that inspire you. Opt for a suit for work. Buy clothes that make you look and feel good.

man-748733_1280Also, self-care is important. Care for your body. Go to a gym. Work out for a while. And just see the changes it will bring in you. You will feel like you know your body more. Meditate and try to do some introspection. You’ll know yourself better.


Keep yourself reminded that whatever you do, it is thanks to the Almighty and the important people in your life. Be grateful to those who do a lot for you and thank them for it. Gratitude wll make you feel humble, but it will not make you a weak person. Too many men mistake gratitude for weakness. A confident man knows how to be grateful to others. It will free your mind of negativities and burdens, and will make you feel better about yourself.

So, on the whole, keeping these steps in mind, try to build your manfidence. It is of course, an added charm that attracts the women, makes you look dependable to your colleagues, and helps you achieve that dream position or promotion that you always wanted.

Let’s pledge to be a Man-fident man. Share with us your #manfidence #SoHeDid moments.