Becoming a role model or someone to look up to is no easy feat, especially in India. But these are some of the few men who have not only encompassed love and loyalty from the Indian crowd, but have become legends in today’s world.

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Dilip Kumar is one of the greatest actors of the Hindi cinema, with a long career that spanned over five decades. Born Muhammad Yusuf Khan, he entered the world of cinema in the 1940s after working as a canteen owner, when he had a chance meet with an actress. In spite of his being a versatile actor who has played several different characters with the same intensity and effectiveness, he is best known for portraying tragic roles in films like Jogan, Deedar and Devdas which earned him the title Tragedy King. Dilip Kumar has the distinction of being the first actor to receive a Filmfare Best Actor Award, an award which he won eight times throughout his career.

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Amitabh Bachchan, popularly known as Big B, is still the most loved actor in today’s cinema life. Amitabh became famous with the movie Zanjeer, after which he proved his acting prowess with films like Coolie, Naseeb, Silsila, Shaarabi and Jaadugar which also landed him multiple Fanfare Awards. His tall, handsome profile made him a great favorite with the ladies and his intense roles led to the name ‘angry young man.’ With his recent film Pink, Amitabh has branded himself as the most versatile and most talented actors of all times.

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This legend requires no introduction. The list of legends will be incomplete without the ‘Thalaiva’, as he is fondly called by all his fans down south. From a bus conductor to the superstar of the Tamil industry, Shivaji Rao Gaekwad has come a long way. With a career of over 25 years, Rajinikanth originally used to play villain roles, but went to become the hero in Bhairavi, after which he entered into his comfort zone with action roles where he bashed up bad guys who would do him some injustice. Salute to this Thalaiva, who has the heart and soul of his fans

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Dev Anand is the legend we can never forget. Having won two Filmfare awards for his acting till date, along with many other Filmfares in other categories, he is one versatile actor. He embarked on his journey in the forties and has had a journey filled with enriching experiences for the ‘Evergreen Living Legend’ of Indian Cinema. He has won the Filmfare in 1958 for his performance in Kala Paaniand in 1966 for his performance in Guide. For an Indian Movie Icon who has hobnobbed with royalty, heads of State and celebrities, he has done it all. This actor was a heartthrob of the ladies, and still inspires many people.

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Who would believe that this legendary artist did not receive even the most basic training in music? Kishore Kumar, who has ruled our hearts with his most soulful voice, was a genius troubled by the weights of his own talents. Not just a playback singer, but also an actor, comedian, lyricist, composer, producer cum director, Kishore was just the youngest among the siblings of a wealthy Bengali family. With movies like Half Ticket, he also proved his acting abilities. Even today, in some houses, his songs are played day and night and are much loved by the people. Even though he is no more, his music lives on.

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This composer’s music was ahead of his time. His music is still the most downloaded and most listened to of all. His hit track, Dum Maaro Dum, was one hip-swinging chartbuster in the world of music. He was comfortable with every genre of music, he was well known as ‘Pancham.’ RD emerges as a restless musician obsessed with creating new sounds, living and breathing music all the time – always alert to the possibility of finding a new tune in a mundane moment. But this composer’s end was rough. His music hit a low in the eighties, after which he died a lonely death at his home.