There are always movie and T.V. characters that make a mark on the generation.The ladies drool over them and the men want to be them. There is something about chivalrous characters. They are respectful, inspiring and lovable. They are popular, highly loved heroes that feature in our daydreams and definitely give us boyfriend / best friend goals. They are adored, loved, fangirled on, and copied from. Their pet lines become our favorite comebacks, their style becomes the new vogue statement. And they become our object of desire.

“All we ever see of stars are their old photographs.”
― Alan Moore

So here is a list, dedicated solely to the most chivalrous T.V./movie actors of 21st century that are oh-so- loved by all of us:

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Aman Mathur in “Kal ho na ho”

Shah rukh Khan is evidently, one of the most adored actors of our generation and saying that he’s a undisputed king of Bollywood would not be an overstatement. His portrayal of Aman Mathur left everyone in tears. His chivalry was loved by the ladies as he does everything to help Naina’s family and still sacrifices his love. Who can forget the epic scene when he lies to Naina, just so she did not have to suffer because of his terminal illness. It certainly left the entire audience in tears.

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Dave Hodgman in “The first Time”

We all know physical intimacies are awkward. Even more so, when the first time. The movie ‘The first time’ was based on this concept and Dylan O’Brien brought magic on the screen with his wonderful charm. He was hilarious, awkward, but a true gentleman. He is loyal even in the difficult circumstances. His love and care for his sister is beautifully portrayed. This character took a place in our hearts despite its young age and awkward circumstances.

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Ram Shankar Nikumbh in “Taare Zameen Par”

One of the most critically acclaimed movies that gave us impeccable performances and serious society message, Tare zameen par was made a name for itself in the history of cinema. Aamir Khan’s performance as Ram Shankar Nikumbh made the entire audience wishing for an understanding teacher like him. In the course of the movie, he teaches the main character suffering from dyslexia different subjects. He is considerate, thoughtful and empathetic. This movie showed how one kind person can change a kids’ life.


Llyod Dobler in “Say Anything”

One of the classic movies of our time, Say anything that famous dialogues, wondrous plot line and an amazing chemistry between the lead actors. John Cusack became the one of the most loved boyfriend of all time as he stood outside Diane’s window with a stereo over his head. His undying, loyal, and respectful love towards her had a dreamy eyed effect on the audience. After all, who can forget epic dialogue spoken by Llyod to his sister, “I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen’.


Yuvraj Vikram Singh Rathore in “Khoobsurat”

Fawad Khan with his appealing gentlemanly looks was always appreciated by the audience, but with the coming of this movie, boys and girls went head over heels for his performance. He played the prince from Sambhalgarh, who is excellent at his business and adored by his family. He had impeccable taste of clothes and dressing and even rolled out of bed looking like an Abercrombie model. He knows just what to say, and how to say it. With his royalty etiquettes, and first class business sense, he was admired by all age audience. And, regardless, he gave some serious boyfriend goals to the ladies!


Charles Carson in “Downton Abbey”

Carson, played by Jim Carter, is an old school butler, when telephone is installed in his house, he wants no part of it. But his devotion to tradition is charming. And you won’t find a more loyal character than Carson; He’ll do anything for the Grantham family, especially Lady Mary This show itself was highly applauded, as this character was well-liked by adults and teens alike.


John Watson in “Sherlock”

Martin Freeman describes this character as the moral compass for Sherlock Holmes, who can come across as a little arrogant and often unscrupulous. He is one of TV’s best bromance. Everyone deserves to have (or should strive to be) a Watson. Watson is an ex-army doctor and is high on morals and his respect for women is admirable. He is courageous, grounded and an authority figure. Watson love and care for Sherlock and his ability of forgiveness is astounding and makes him lovable to all the audience.


Sahil Sarabhai in “sarabhai v/s sarabhai”

We have all laughed to our hearts content to this t.v. show. The daily saas- bahu soap opera was given a new twist in this hilarious sitcom. However, it is Sahil Sarabai, the son of Maya sarabai, and the husband of Monisha Sarabhai, who comes out to be the most lovable and endearing character. He strives to make a compromise between his wife and mother, while unconditionally loving them and always speaking to them with reverence. Not to forget, his humorous comebacks, hooked us to this amazing show.

Did we miss your favorite T.V/Movie character? Let’s us know.