My mornings always commence with a cup of coffee along with a newspaper or a novel while the rest of the house is still quiet. Apart from knowledge, reading in the morning helps me congregate my energies and puts me in a zone to perform at my highest. With an added composure, I am able to focus more effectively on the schedule for the day.My mind kick-starts the day as one single unit and not into fragments; each thinking or worrying in different tangents.

I think, We should pause running in the rat race and take out time in mornings to read, and read whatever interests us. A novel, a fiction, or anything related to what we are into.

I never force myself to read books that I do not enjoy..

To me, reading a nice piece of writing early in the morning gives peace and broadens my horizon. It gives me more insight into life and adds a meaning to it.

There are countless benefits of reading in the morning; some are intangible health benefits and some positive tangible life outcomes. I am putting them under 5 major roofs for effortless understanding.


The more we read, the more we get to know on different subjects and topics. It adds to intelligence, vocabulary and general knowledge. Our minds have more registering capacity in morning, making us life-long learners.


Reading indirectly brings confidence, which builds self-esteem and adds onto personality. When we look up in the mirror to dress up for the day, we get an inner feeling of added substance.


Reading in morning is similar to meditation. Reading makes us concentrate on something for some time which in turn improves our focus and channelizes our discrete energies to come to one platform.


Reading is a form of escape which helps in forgetting the daily hassles of life. This escapism reduces stress and adds a sense of composure. It makes us a better decision maker.


Reading in morning will give us topics to discuss with new or old acquaintances whom we meet during the course of the day. This healthy discussion will enhance our analytical ability and make us a better thinker and speaker.

Don’t miss the morning reading time!

Some of us might think that life is so busy and there is no time for all these. If we don’t purposefully carve out time from our busy lives, our time will definitely disappear in the vacuum of our increasingly crowded lives.Taking out even 15 minutes every morning to read can enable us to connect better with life and the world around us.

If a newspaper or a novel is not feasible, one can go for e-books and news-app on cell phones. Technology has alternatives and answers to all problems.

I love my mornings; favourite being the reading time.