The year 2015 was the year when the beards were overthrown by the well groomed mustaches. With the increase in popularity of #Movember- The testicular cancer charity that sees millions of men across the globe get sponsored for growing mustaches, we have also witnessed the rise of the ‘staches.

Mustaches have a charm of their own and are always a class apart. With 2015, we also saw a comeback of mustaches from the 60’s and 70’s being sported by celebrities and style enthusiasts all around the globe. Love it or hate it, but the trend is here to stay and here is a list of the styles that piqued interests in 2015.

“Guys are lucky because they get to grow moustaches. I wish I could. It’s like having a little pet for your face.” – Anita Wise

1. The Classic Chevron

This style requires commitment and a certain type of masculinity to pull it off. Tom Selleck better known as moustache god has always sported this with so much class and is an inspiration to all mo lovers. Another contemporary to bring the chevron back in vogue is Nick Offerman alongside Movember.

2. The handle bar

This one is a little tricky and needs care, attention, and mustache wax. Originally sported by baddies and ring masters a few decades ago, this style has evolved to greater heights and is given the status of a fashion statement. We owe it all to our upcoming celebrities who aren’t afraid to experiment.

3. The Au Naturel

This style is for the laid back ones who love the mo but not so much the grooming. This style needs the strong attitude from within and a nonchalant one on the outside. Generally considered a mo taboo this style is for the people who would stay off styling and grooming and just let it grow.

4. The Musician

Sported by most Rockstars, Singers, and Musicians of our decade this style is younger, cooler, and more recent than most. Easier to grow and requiring just the regular trim. This style appeals more to the adolescent men and also lightens the pressure of the moustache race while being in style.

5. The Pencil

A very popular style from the golden era sported by lead actors of that time has made a comeback. This one is tricky and needs constant maintenance, with the modernization of this style the thickness of the mo and styling has evolved to neat variations. There are quite a few quirky but stylish celebs that have pulled this off with pananche.

6. The pyramid

A fairly recent style this one maybe a hit or a miss. The pyramid has a wide base and is narrower near the nose thus giving it the name; it can be a little curvy giving it the lampshade look or be clean and straight; This needs to be groomed n maintained right above the lip. Having seen George Clooney sporting it in 2015 has inspired many.