Plus size is relatively a recent term in the fashion industry and has brought about a much needed change. The so called representatives of fashion-such as magazine covers, pageants and media, have perpetually body shamed people everywhere for not meeting up with the standards that they thought were appropriate.

Sadly enough the plus size men in our society do not get enough representation.Though times now are changing with sports illustrated and peoples magazine featuring plus size models on their cover pages. Plus size models are gaining momentum in the fight against body shaming and are setting newer more liberal standards that show all of us how beautiful and unique we are in our own ways.

size are only numbers. Confidence! If you have it, you can make anything look good

so here we are with few simple and easy to follow tips for all the plus size men out there who like to swing it in style.

1Body Positivity

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Learn to appreciate individuality. Body positivity is thinking that your own unique style is much more interesting than latest fashion trends. Attitude is everything.

The true essence of beauty lies within oneself and body positivity is all about loving yourself no matter how big or small you are. Body positivity promotes mental and physical health and is a revolution of sorts that every human being needs. What all men need at this time and age is a gender neutral body positivity movement, and though hard to find there are quite a few online portals that offer you more knowledge and support for men everywhere. To be a stylish gent the greatest requirement is to accept the skin that you are in and learn to love and pamper your body and soul irrespective of media endorsed body type norms.

2Wearing the right size

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A common mistake made by most plus size men is to pick up the wrong size of clothing. Sometimes a size bigger just to make sure that the fit is not too short or too tight around the waist and sometimes a size tad bit smaller hoping you would eventually fit into it, but it is a wrong way to go about for smart dressing. Always pick clothes that are your size and indefinitely try them on before you buy them and make sure that you are comfortable wearing it and perform the basic routine of checking whilst you sit down, bend and move around a little to confirm that its comfortable and not biting into your arms or falling off waist.

3The value of tailoring

What most plus size men do not realize is the true value of a well tailored garment; it can add so much value to your personality. The biggest problem that plus size men face at times is the way store purchased garments fit on them- if it sits well on the shoulders then the sleeves are too long or if the pants fit well then the length of the pants are too long. So it is best to have one good trusty tailor you could go to and get your regular tweaking done for that confident and well tailored style.

4Layer loving

Layering has been an age old and revered tradition when it comes to fashion. It could be just the basic of a half sleeved shirt unbuttoned all the way worn over a T-shirt, even a simple layering of this sort could distract attention from fat and make you look fab. It could be basic layering or you could take it a step ahead with a scarf around your neck or go ahead with more layering during winters by adding blazers with a sweater vest on the inside. Key is not to be afraid and keep it classy.

5Playing with prints

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Prints might feel like a big no to most plus size men, but the reality is that prints distract the attention and scatter it to the type of print that you are sporting rather than the problem areas. There is also a recent rage of print on print that one could experiment with, but for beginners just pairing up your attire with a print shirt and solid coloured pants or the vice versa could be easily pulled off. Even incorporating prints into one of the layering technique can work wonders. You do not necessarily have to opt for bold prints; even basic repetitive prints can do the magic.

6Accessorizing yourself

Accessories may seem like a not so mainstream concept for men in general rather than just the plus size community, but just the right way to do it will open up new fashionable horizons for plus size men everywhere. When we say accessories we do not necessarily mean chunky prominent jewellery, a classy belt paired up with a good pair of shades and a watch can up your entire ensemble to whole new scale. Even bags and scarves or a nice cuff link can give u that extra dash of the much needed style quotient.


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Yes they exist for men too! Available in all sizes, these shapers for men are revolutionizing men’s fashion for the better. They are made of fabric that flattens out parts of your problem areas and makes clothes fit better. Though this is just an option and you can preferably even go all natural underneath and all you need is the confidence within to pull off what you are wearing on the outside. Shapers or not you need to learn to love yourself and the skin that you are in.