Men, apart from being fathers, are conceived as the front runner of a family with too many responsibilities. Taking care of the daily chores at family and office leaves him with very little time to spend with children and get connected to them effectively. Leaving early for office in the morning and coming late at night dispenses only weekends in their hands to be with their children, half of which time again goes in shopping and other essential chores. If you are also one such father who feels like each day is flying, your kid is growing, and you are missing the precious moments of him growing up, then here are some tips that can help you get connected with them even when you are physically not present.

#1. Pen Down Notes For Your Kids: You may need to leave for office early sparing no time to communicate with your child. But leaving a paper note for him or her can create a sense of involvement for your child. Children love to read written messages, especially from parents which further motivate them to reply. This can be a great connecting tool between you two.

#2. Send eMails And Messages: Being on mail boxes is part of your job. And finding children on mobiles and laptops is the trend these days. So, why not use this technical blessing in your favor. Get some time to write messages for your child directing him to complete a task, homework, reading a passage or a story, or simply to say “I love You.”

#3. Ask Your Child to Note Down Thoughts: Believe it or not, children have a lot to share with their parents but they, rather the parents don’t get time to chat with the children. Once you start taking interest in their topics and the conversation will never end. But don’t let your physical absence suppress the over pouring thoughts of your child. So ask your kid to note down whatever he experienced or faced in a diary. This job can be best done while coming back from school in the school bus. Kids also have lots to do like playing, doing home works, extra classes etc, so using the travel time can be a better solution.

#4. Assign Work Before They Leave For School: Your complete detachment from what is going on in school, academics and non-academics can lower down the motivation of your kid and put pressure on your partner to handle it all alone. So, check school diary in the morning before your child leaves for school, ask whether he completed the home work or not, and assign a little work from the same to keep yourself involved and your kid up to date in school works.

#5. Help In Getting Dressed For School:  One more opportunity to get along with your kid a little longer is to help him in getting dressed. Check his dress is ironed or not, shoes polished or not, and hair well kempt.  While getting all these done, you can talk just anything that connects you and this time not about the home works, discipline or routine. Just get friends and talk about other friends in the school or teachers he likes most, what all he did in his last sports class, or how would he like to celebrate his next birthday and all.

#6. Try To Make Bed Time Story A Routine: If you anyhow manage to come before your child sleeps, then it can create a great difference. Before putting him to sleep, spend some quality time reading a good story. Discuss the characters and moral of the story and get engaged with your child for some more time. Child love stories and parents getting involved in this can really delight them.

#7. Get Involved in a Common Activity During Weekend:   Going out for cycling or swimming together with your child can let you have some fun time that will not only make your child happy but will also rejuvenate you. Playing badminton, football, or cricket can also infuse some freshness in your relationship. A day will come when you and your grown up kid will talk about these fun times spent together.

#8. Do Utility Shopping Together: Doing utility shopping with your kid will let him understand you, your priorities, and limitations in a better way. Buying grocery items, vegetables, or other household items along with kid by your side will develop a sense of being in family and in-depth awareness about the family requirements. You would have bought toys and books together. Now try doing utility shopping together.    

#9. Sit Next To Your Child While Doing Office Work From Home: If you are really running very tight in your routine and cannot afford some fun time with your kid, then try doing your work sitting beside him. Engage your kid in some art or craft work sitting next to you. Guide him as much as possible and keep praising him while at work. A little involvement in his activity will motivate him and you will feel gelled with him a little more.

#10. Cook With Your Kid At Least Once a Week:  The best indoor activity with your kid can be cooking at home. This involves creativity, active participation, and team work. Someone has said, “A family that eats together, lives together.” What if cooking is included in this phrase to add more flavor in the relationship.

These are easy to adapt little steps that can bring you closer to your child. If all of them cannot be professed at a time, inclusion of a few in your daily life will bring the difference you were longing for. These efforts will develop and shape up those memories which everyone wants to recall at some point in their lives. So, get started and experience the change.

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